underground eats: kali dining

One of the very cool things about LA is the underground dining scene.  I love the supper club model where there’s a little flirtation with the unknown – who the chefs are, what guests will show up, which dishes will be on the menu, where the location will be.  We nudged ourselves on to the mailing lists for a few of these groups and attended our first one last weekend, Kali Dining.

It was a positively lovely experience having dinner with 20 strangers.  Chef curated each of the 5-courses, giving highlights on ingredient sourcing, cooking methods, and presentation ideas.  Chris and I are always on the look out for ingredients that boost the umami (the extra flavor, wow factor).  So, a highlight of our evening was hearing how Chef fermented garlic into black garlic in order to brew the stock used to cook the risotto.







images from Kali Dining