hair pin curves

You know how when someone points something out to you, then you start to see that thing everywhere?  Well, that’s what happened with me and hair pin curves.

I’d never noticed them before, and now I see them in all sorts of spaces that I adore. I recently learned that they were a war time invention, designed to minimize the amount of material used. They have the bonus of looking really sleek, so they never fell out of favor. AND they are pretty inexpensive to buy (found this place called hairpinlegsforless), which makes me want to upgrade a couple CB2 end tables that we’ve got hanging around.

I’ll keep this pinterest board updated as I find more.

hair pin curves 10

image via designsponge

hair pin curves 9

image via designsponge

hair pin curves 1

image via 1stdibs

hair pin curves 8

image via sfgirlbybay

hair pin curves 6

image from stellaharasek

hair pin curves 5     hair pin curves 7

images via dot&bo and cheynesaw

hair pin curves 4

image via designsponge

hair pin curves 3

image via poppytalk

hair pin curves 2

image via Robert Mills Architects and Interior Designers

hair pin curves 12

image from urbanoutfitters

(title image via hairpinlegs)