underground eats: wolvesmouth

It’s hard to write a post about Wolvesmouth without it being a weird mix of humble-bragging and sycophantic awe.  But here goes!

Wolvesmouth is known as “LA’s toughest dinner reservation” because, in an average month, they select only 160 diners from over 3,000 requests.  So why the fuss? It’s a dinner club held in Chef Craig Thornton’s home-turned-wolvesden-restaurant.  This is literally the Chef’s Table and the energy is palpable here.  Six cooks work at a ferocious speed, metal runs through the speakers, and taxidermied wolves stand with fangs bared; it’s pretty bad ass.

The food!  Chef stripped away the overuse of cream, butter, yolks – those obvious and yummy flavor-makers.  Instead, he’s given considerable effort to maintaining the richness through other techniques.  He creates dexterous flavors by using ingredients like squid ink, coconut fat, and organ meat.  How do I know this?  He has a remarkable generosity of thought and willingness to share his ideas in food.  The industrialized home kitchen and bulldozed walls turned the entire front of the house into one large performance. Throughout dinner, we were encouraged get up, walk through the kitchen, and chat with the cooks about what was happening.  It was awesome. 

wolvesmouth17 grubstreet

wolvesmouth 19

wolvesmouth5     wolvesmouth15


wolvesmouth7    wolvesmouth6



wolvesmouth16 huffington post

wolvesmouth 21

first photo from grubstreet, portrait via huffingtonpost, all other images from wolvesmouth

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