ink restaurant la

Last year Chris received Voltaggio’s VOLT Ink cookbook as a birthday present.  And since we live in LA now it was a great excuse to go to Ink for his birthday dinner this week.  All the details at this restaurant are at the same time painstakingly planned, yet frank and informal.  They’ve got a strikingly beautiful waitstaff in a uniform of t-shirts and jeans; we sit at bare wood tables while we sip on cocktails fussed with micro greens.

It’s a wonderful juxtaposition between meticulous dishes and relaxed atmosphere- like they know the things we care to see gloried and the items better left casual.

Oh the food! We’re still talking about the beets… beets roasted in smoked olive oil, tousled with fried onions and thick hibiscus-ancho [chile] foam. Later, heaps of dungeness crab delicately seasoned with fennel pollen, but then camouflaged by translucent melon strips.  Plus, heartily seared foie gras in a comfort-food-bath of potato polenta and duck broth.  I could go on and on, so here are some photos instead ~


charcoal and salt roasted potatoes with homemade sour cream and dripping vinegar



little gems served with burrata, lemon dressing, and puffed anchovy cracker


housemade cocktail



dungeness crab, green melon, fish sauce mayo, fennel pollen

all images from mvink