the tulip table

We used to have a neighbor in Brooklyn whose place was like a lesson in the history of design. Furniture shopping was his vice and – lucky us – he would “store” pieces at our place sometimes. That’s how I first came across the Tulip Table.

The Tulip Table was designed in the mid 1950’s by Finnish-American Eero Saarienen as part of his Pedestal Collection.  The objective was to simplify and streamline the structure of tables and chairs.  He explained, “The underside of typical chairs and tables makes a confusing, unrestful world.”  The minimalist aesthetic neutralizes busy rooms and calms complex chairs, like in these beautiful rooms.


image via apartmenttherapy


image via engelta.hubpages


image via casasugar


image via domainehome


image via domainehome


image via apartmenttherapy


image via decorology


image via stilinspiration


image via husligheter

2 thoughts on “the tulip table

  1. The tulip table is a classic and seems relatively versatile so it is a bit funny how many other design elements repeat in the way people use it. I noticed one cowhide under the chairs and thought it seemed impractical (I’m imagining the uneven edges getting caught under the chair legs as you move them in and out) before noticing 3 of the images have cowhide rugs under the table! 5 of them have shaggy throws or pillows! Curious how much of that is your personal taste coming through or if these are classic companions of the smooth and shiny tulip table?

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