ryan mcginley visiting la

Everyone in the LA art world is buzzing about how much the art scene here is really growing. I’m continually running into NYC alums or bi-coastal gallerists excited about the shift.  Ryan McGinley’s latest show is a great example.  He’s a New York based photographer who’s been booking solo museum shows since he was 25.  There’s no need or obligation to branch out to LA, but for this latest show, he did! Continue reading

white-on-white art just before Labor Day

Here in Southern California we have this sort of perpetual summer weather, but I think the rules still apply around retiring white jeans and white shoes after Labor Day. Whether or not that’s the case, I love traditions even if they’re a little old fashioned. So, here’s an ode to that well worn rule with some white-on-white art.

Continue reading

brianne wills – girls and their cats series

Two week ago we went to the LA County animal shelter and brought home a sweet – albeit noisy – adult Calico, whom we named Caroline. We were sad to see how this shelter (a high kill shelter, no less) was full of owner-surrendered adult cats. On the tails of that experience, I came across this wonderful series by NY-based photographer, BriAnne Wills: Girls and Their Cats. Shot on film, she so aptly captures the companionable relationships between these kitties and their mamas.  It warmed my heart. Continue reading

sunsetting the gallery wall, rise of big art


I loved and admired and tried out the gallery wall – this is a photo of my home work space. Buuut… I think the trend may be coming to an end, so I’m thinking about how we should collectively sunset the gallery wall and consider a big, statement piece of art instead.  You know, just as an experiment. Here are some great interiors in favor of the “big art.”  Starting with my attempt at a ginormous piece [by Michael Zwack] in our living room… Continue reading

Photorealistic Watercolor

Ali Cavanaugh painted an ethereal photorealistic series of young women wearing socks on their arms and legs.  It might sound like a funny subject matter, but when you see them it’s easy to see the draw.  What’s more, these are watercolors! Continue reading