katy ann gilmore | mountain-scape mural

Katy Ann Gilmore is a visual artist living and working in LA. Her work dances between the 2D and 3D world – we see amorphous shapes and detailed concavity and techniques that play with our perception. It’s as through she has the mind of a mathematician and the hand of an artist.  In this particular project she uses only a pen and free style draws. The result is a remarkable, large scale topography of a mountain range. I stumbled upon this project, and have since become interested in the rest of her body of work found here -> Katy Ann Gilmore .   Continue reading

ravi vora will take your breath away

This is Glamorous does a great series where they highlight 10 images from an artist/ area/ instagram feed.  I’m so glad they do!  It’s how I came across Ravi Vora’s photography.  He’s an LA based photographer whose work reminds me of Ansel Adams – but in color.  The images are so expansive, I think they literally took my breath away.  Enjoy!

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ryan mcginley visiting la

Everyone in the LA art world is buzzing about how much the art scene here is really growing. I’m continually running into NYC alums or bi-coastal gallerists excited about the shift.  Ryan McGinley’s latest show is a great example.  He’s a New York based photographer who’s been booking solo museum shows since he was 25.  There’s no need or obligation to branch out to LA, but for this latest show, he did! Continue reading

skateboarder photography (1970s) – hugh holland

Hugh Holland is an LA photographer who shot an amazing series of skateboarders that I will describe simply as: Rad.  He enountered his first skateboarder – where else – in 1975 Laurel Canyon.  Ground zero for cool.  He shot and shot these kids at the very beginning of skateboarding, and when skateboarding went mainstream in 1978, his documentation came to a natural end. Continue reading

artist bree madden

Right now I’m completely crushing on artist Bree Madden’s photography.  She’s born and raised in Southern California and knows how to capture those quintessential beach shots that make you swoon for surf and sand.  I think I love them because they make me feel like I’m right there over-exposed in sunshine, with a touch misty sea air, looking through rose colored lenses. Continue reading