dear valentine – this year’s best cards

I remember the days of I “choo choo choose you” and postage stamp sized cartoon valentines.   But oh how far we’ve come.  I love all of these designs because there’s an element of handmade, home drawn, or personal to them.

Happy Valentine’s Day xx

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elegant evergreen

In a colder climate, I love seeing what people do with their outdoor trees and wreaths.  But in LA the Christmas lights wrapped around palm trees don’t really get me humming Jingle Bells. That’s probably why I keep gravitating toward these indoor displays.  I love mixing springs of pine and rosemary into a bouquet (copy cat of something my mom does).  These are some of my favorite elegant evergreens this holiday season.   Continue reading

gorgeous gift wrap

For Christmas my family does a round robin gift exchange. This year the theme is hand-made, so no store bought gifts allowed. I thought it would also be a nice touch to craft the gift wrap. A post on designlovefest inspired me to use fabric remnants and fresh flowers.  Can’t wait! Continue reading

super stylish trivet

Can a coaster be stylish?  It wasn’t a question I was ever really worried about, but these! Oh my. Yes, these are some seriously sleek, geometric, stylish ones.  The art deco design comes in two forms – a larger kitchen trivet size and small coaster size.  They are from designer Lauren Fink who founded Sly, a company based in Melbourne that makes homewares.  I’m thinking holiday hostess pressie.  Yay! Continue reading

cathrineholm finds

Grete Prytz Kittelsen (aka – The Queen of Scandinavian Design) was born in Oslo, the daughter of a goldsmith and design instructor.  She and her siblings grew up working in their father’s trade and learning enamel as well.  Kittelsen – educated at New Bauhaus – is best known for the Cathrineholm’s iconic lotus enamelware. It’s still really popular among collectors and a cherry find at flea markets.  There’s something about the now-vintage design and bright colors that reminds me so much of a comfy, warm Minnesota kitchen (a little pre-Thanksgiving nostalgia). Continue reading