pantone rose quartz | interiors

A few days ago, I posted about the color, rose quartz, popping up in women’s fashion.  Since, I’ve been thinking about it for the home.  A chic living room wall, a blushing accent chair, a secret shelf.

Rose quartz in itself represents love ~ self-love, family love.  It’s meant to be a high energy stone that brings love into daily situations and soothes the air around it.  We keep a big chunk of the stuff our mantel just for good measure.  I love how these homes apply the color.   Continue reading

the FVF apartment

Vitra, a Swiss manufacturer, and Freunde von Freunden opened a curated space in Berlin. (Like The Apartment at the line in NYC.) The items and arrangement are both deliberate; they are composed as a plausibly realistic habitat. This place is used for fetes, pop ups, events, workshops, and gatherings that reflect the character of the space.  It’s adaptable and diverse and simply nice to look at.  I wish this were an airbnb option!

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alta loma bohemian modern house tour

Burbank is the largest urban equestrian zone in the country, but they’ve got a close second, Alta Loma.  This Southern California community has horse trails, charm, and bright open spaces.  This fabulous house reflects all of those wonderful attributes of the neighborhood.  This home was a DIY project of love – and style.  This house tour is making me to embrace the power of a good side board. Continue reading

very very vinyl

We had a long standing tradition in Brooklyn.  The second week of December we gathered with a wonderful group of friends.  We’d dress up a little for each other, listen to good records, and play poker.  And at some point in the evening, the fellows would crawl out on to the fire escape and smoke cigars (cheeky!).  To bring a little of that here in LA, I was shopping a record player and a few vinyls.  These are some great set ups…

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make mine tiki

Los Angeles is the stronghold for tiki and has been ever since Ernest Gantt (aka Donn Beach) moved to Hollywood in the 1930’s and opened a Polynesian-themed bar called “Don’s Beachcomber Cafe.” We’ve still got tiki institutions – like Trader Vic’s, Tonga Hut, and [our neighborhood favorite] Tiki-Ti.  It’s like a little escape to Gillian’s island, where you drift off on an island vibe with an umbrella drink. Continue reading