ink restaurant la

Last year Chris received Voltaggio’s VOLT Ink cookbook as a birthday present.  And since we live in LA now it was a great excuse to go to Ink for his birthday dinner this week.  All the details at this restaurant are at the same time painstakingly planned, yet frank and informal.  They’ve got a strikingly beautiful waitstaff in a uniform of t-shirts and jeans; we sit at bare wood tables while we sip on cocktails fussed with micro greens. Continue reading

underground eats: wolvesmouth

It’s hard to write a post about Wolvesmouth without it being a weird mix of humble-bragging and sycophantic awe.  But here goes!

Wolvesmouth is known as “LA’s toughest dinner reservation” because, in an average month, they select only 160 diners from over 3,000 requests.  So why the fuss? It’s a dinner club held in Chef Craig Thornton’s home-turned-wolvesden-restaurant.  This is literally the Chef’s Table and the energy is palpable here.  Six cooks work at a ferocious speed, metal runs through the speakers, and taxidermied wolves stand with fangs bared; it’s pretty bad ass. Continue reading

black hogg restaurant

Black Hogg is a toast to Los Angeles.  When Chris and I were menu shopping, he asked if I wanted to go to Black Hogg and I asked what kind of restaurant is it?  Well, uh, a lot of kinds.  There’s banh mi, brussel sprouts, wagyu, gastro bites, poutine, tacos, steak tartare, halal, and a burger.  It seemed to make no sense, but at the same time the descriptions sounded cleverly delicious. Continue reading

underground eats: kali dining

One of the very cool things about LA is the underground dining scene.  I love the supper club model where there’s a little flirtation with the unknown – who the chefs are, what guests will show up, which dishes will be on the menu, where the location will be.  We nudged ourselves on to the mailing lists for a few of these groups and attended our first one last weekend, Kali Dining.

Continue reading

Meadowsweet Restaurant Review

Cruising OpenTable on a Friday afternoon I saw an unusual site: an available Meadowsweet reservation.  I grabbed the slot and it made a perfect excuse for a date night. Continue reading