pantone rose quartz | street style

This week Pantone announced the color of the year – well, colors – of the year.  They are Rose Quartz and Serenity, which are blush pink and cornflower blue representing gender fluidity.  I’m just hung up on rose quartz!  It’s so nice to see a favorite shade break out from behind the bridesmaid pinterest boards and baby girl registries.  These are some seriously haute lady looks.   Continue reading

dual patterns make me smile

I think Lena Dunham coined the phrase “power clashing.” I might have dubbed it “dueling patterns” because I love a play on words, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, power clashing is a thing. I love it. When I’m wearing a checkered skirt with a striped shirt and I just want to wrap it all up in a big plaid shawl…  It’s ok!  Here are some of my favorites from around town.
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midi with a slit

When I got a job to return to office life, I opened the wardrobe of my “work clothes.” What I saw was a dated-looking army of skirt suits from my 20s; they seemed costume-ish. Now, in my 30s, I want my professional and my personal look to blend together. When shopping for my new job, I loved the look of light jackets and blouses paired with midi-length skirts. I got lots of street-style inspiration from these posts – and bonus if they were midi with a slit! Continue reading

Marsala #NYFW

Art, design, and fashion are separate spheres, but they influence each other so much that sometimes the lines between them dissolve.

It’s Fashion Week here in NYC, so there’s a lot of talking, posting, and writing on the topic.  (I loved this wrap up of NYFW on The Tig.)   One thing they pointed out was that the Pantone color of the year is Marsala. Continue reading

More Ursula, Less Ariel

Jewelry designer, Kaity OShea from Los Angeles, is making these wild deep-sea inspired octopus necklaces from polymer clay.  Her handcrafted pieces are extravagant.  And menacing.  The tentacle necklace is a definite statement piece being part art/ part fashion.  It’s perfect for an ocean side art fair – I’m thinking Art Basel Miami Beach. Continue reading